We are an emerging brand, facilitating a space for exploration in art, culture, history, style, politics, and bloodline. We examine historical backdrops submerging cultures from Cairo and London, Ancient Egypt, and contemporary western pop art.


We bring a series of collections designed to inspire an ethos of empowerment to the everyday man and woman. To us, style is massively integrated into the fabric of identity, from past to present, clothing, jewellery, and accessories are a way of defining the character and personality of the times. Jewellery and accessories are also an accurate measure for historians to understand, study, and relay stories and tales about the lives of those who came before us. Jewellery is a central point of reference acting as a subtle silk thread that unifies us through a historical timeline bringing us to today, helping us to unravel how and why we have come to look and dress how we do.



Clothing is political, it can determine the status of a person in a kingdom, it can unify and divide. Through this, we understand how clothing and accessories can trickle down, on a micro-level, to being used to embolden and empower the individual who wears them during the changing seasons, in inspiring them toward the sturdy formulation of their identity.

The name Young Nevertiti stems from the great royal wife of an ancient Egyptian ruler, Akhenaten. Neferneferuaten Nefertiti. She was a powerful and skilled woman in her own right and was said to rule on her own, during which Egypt experienced its most affluent time. She was talented and intelligent, characteristics we aim to emphasise through our brand. It was also a nickname colleagues of the founder, would give her because of her staple cat eyeliner.  

 Who is the Founder?

Hanan Abdel- Khalek is a journalist, creative, and writer currently working on her first utopian novel set in ancient Egypt.  She has a degree in English Literature and French, and a Masters in Media in the Middle East. Previously Editor in Chief at Amaliah, and a freelance writer for Huffington Post,  the Thompson Reuters Foundation, Muslim girl, among other online publications. After spending hours building the dreams of others in a number of lonely, rigid, offices, she decided the 9-5 lifestyle wasn't for her. This triggered an interest in the start-up world, she admired thought leaders that were setting the narrative instead of being a victim or a follower of one.


Living in London can be a strain on young people to fund their dreams and ambitions whilst taking care of their responsibilities. Hanan's aim was to ultimately work for herself, she knew the only way to break free from the constraints of London living was by building something for herself from scratch, she worked on this while working at a juice bar.  At this time, she was introduced to an incredibly diverse, creative network of people. She took up two jobs in order to support herself grinding for  9 months straight, with little sleep or social life,  gaining the motivation, creativity, and financial freedom to leave, This is where she continued building her brand.


She currently hosts her own podcast, and Youtube channel discussing issues of politics, identity, pop culture, music, sustainability, ethical brands, slavery, and islamophobia.  Whilst working on a documentary looking into sustainability in the Modest Fashion space. 


Hanan is from an Irish and Egyptian background, born and raised in the UK,  and currently resides in London. As a visibly Muslim woman, she was forced to examine life with multiple identities in a post 9/11 world. Giving rise to her exploration into this space, and as a result, inspired her further to create a platform that aims to foster freedom and safety for third culture kids who grew up with influences from the East and West. Most of her work examines sustainability, ethically sourced resources, and materials to advocate for human rights, to combat modern-day slavery, and promote alternatives to consumption in her community. To reverse the effects of global warming, her dream is to handmake all of her products from London and live in a world where clothes sharing, recycling, upcycling, and sustainability is taken seriously as an achievable and realistic option for consumers.

Hanan Abdel- Khalek founder accessories brand Ancient Egyptian jewellery
Hanan Abdel- Khalek founder Young nevertiti Accessories brand