Hanan x nike

With great excitement, we share the news that our brand has been featured in GQ magazine for the May, June, and July issues 2020. The May issue features an insightful interview with actor  Jaquine Pheonix. We feel inspired, honoured and grateful to be featured.  


Young Nevertiti values the work of real artisans and believes in an ethos of  community over competition. We love to support, champion, and collab with sustainable, ethical brands that are mindful of supporting the people behind the products. Summer ‘19 we teamed up with brand Pehhchaan which literally translates to ‘identity’ in Urdu. The brand sells a selection of intricately handwoven shawls sourced and produced in Pakistan and India. 20% of the sales made, go back toward sponsoring a child’s education in Pakistan. Here, our founder Hanan wears the ScArab piece from our Empress collection with a Pehhchaan exclusive wool shawl. Peep the collection below.

The ScArab Stings

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