Arabic pop art man designing jewellery


To Customer,

As an accessories company, no matter how small, we know we have a moral obligation to set our intentions, and aims. We hope to ensure that through this journey, and with every new line we release, we can work toward cleaning up our supply chains. We want to hold ourselves accountable for any unethical labour that may occur as a result of our existence, as jewellerycompany. We have never marketed our company as an ethical one, nor have we used buzzwords, to avoid falling into the clasps of 'greenwashing' simply because we want to be as open and honest with our customers as possible. We wanted to be 100% sure that every single piece of jewellery from the mining of the stones to the production of metals was safe.


We want to ensure that every piece of jewellery rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets is intentional so that we know our customers can be rest assured, they carry a positive piece of heritage and history, with them. One of triumph, power, and justice, on their fingers, wrist, neck, or ear. We do not want to reflect on dark histories with a romantic eye, nor do we want to shy away from raising issues about blood diamonds, unethical supply chains, and unsustainable models with cheap materials and cheap labour. Acknowledging the part we play in harming the environment or people around us. What we do claim is that we have a long game in mind.   To work toward cleaning our supply chains, which may mean it'll take us a little time to reach our goal. None the less this is what we aim to do. Our long term is to ensure we can produce a product by hand from London.  So here are our 2021 aims. 

We want to ascertain the road toward sustainability is not easy but do-able, and 100% ethical treatment of workers, is a process. 

We aim to work more closely with artisans in the future to ensure all humans involved in the production process are treated well. 

Artisans and workers will feel empowered, take ownership over the products, and receive credit, for their intricate craftsmanship. 

We want to ensure artisans and workers are given a fair wage, and a clean, safe, and enjoyable working environment.  

We want to raise enough capital later on to ensure most if not all production occurs here in London with recycled materials. 

We acknowledge how damaging 'Greenwashing' is when launching a  company. We are intentional about what we are doing, and working hard to find positive solutions to an otherwise toxic cyclical industry. Because as a company we are conscious of the little impact we have on the earth and the people around us. We aim to do this by working closely with artisans and vow to tell their stories. With each new line we release, we aim to find more sustainable, practical, ethical, and kinder ways to deliver so that ultimately we can elicit joy in the people who receive our little gifts of Silver and stones. 

From Team Young Nevertiti x