Young Pharoahs we love

The term Pharoah derives from the Egyptian compound “Great House”, it was a term used for monarchs of ancient Egypt from the First Dynasty until the annexation of Egypt by the Roman Empire in 30 BCE. The actual term "Pharaoh" was not used contemporaneously for a ruler until Merneptah, c. 1200 BCE. The Pharaoh’s in Egypt were known for their power over their kingdom, most of which were male, although there were some exceptions to the rule such as Nefertiti and Cleopatra.

At the time, Pharoah’s acted as intermediaries between the gods and the people. They weaponised their power and built their empires off of the backs of the poor. We do not reflect back to this time with romanticism, it is a dark past, to which we aim to give new life, and meaning to, with this generation. The style of our ancient ancestors is laced in confidence, each bloodline was characterised with their immaculate, sometimes outrageous, flair for individualism as icons of their age, and many ages to come. We aim to celebrate the style ‘Pharoah's’ of our generation who welcome old and new and submerge their identities that can be found in Eastern and Western cultures to formulate new narratives of identity in a bold way. We are documenting a new renaissance of style.

Zak Velsvoir

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This fashion pioneer is a master at perfecting the gentleman’s suit, as the creative director of Velsvoir, an award-winning luxury menswear brand. Zak is a menswear consultant and is barely caught slipping in the suit department, as he is rarely seen without one (even to his run club each week).




“From an early age, it was always implored on us three brothers to always present ourselves in the best possible way. This includes being respectful, considerate and courteous and extended to the way one dressed. As our mother and was a tailor, being brought up surrounded by patterns and cloth were a normal sight and I suppose this is where the love story began. From there one naturally paid attention to the finer details. Particularly style, fit and form. Velsvoir was created when we accidentally re-created the bow-tie. An incident that occurred at the eldest of the three brothers wedding, we could not find a velvet black bow tie.

Significant moments so far would have to be launching in Dubai and London simultaneously. Showcasing at LFW: MEN and Dubai FFWD as well as being awarded best regional Brand by Esquire Middle East. Menswear is an industry that has come on in leaps and bounds and it is great to see such fluidity and progress in design. “


His statement defining accessory piece is a single bold ring.


Remy, is the free spirit of our crew. His mother is from Martinique and father from Madagascar. He was born in France and later lived 6 years in Martinique from aged 5- 11. After this, he ventured back to France and found himself caught in between completely different worlds. Remy is now travelling the world and documenting as he goes. 

“I want to meet lots of people, every kind of person, improve my English, and see a thousand things that can blow my mind. I want to think carefully about what I want to do for my career, it takes time, I’m taking my time to unpack my mind more. One piece of advice I would give, don’t trust everything you see because even salt looks like sugar, and I live by this. Don’t rely on others to tell you where to go or what to do, go check for yourself. And don’t forget to enjoy the journey as you go."


Remy takes his style inspo from the fictional world- such as Anime and video game characters, Dante's style in DMC, Sanji in One Piece, and Spyke in Cowboy Bepop, Johnny Depp, and Anderson Peak, and Neymar, are interestingly massive style influences of his.

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"I do think the way you dress tells a lot about the person you are. I noticed that I easily talk to people whom I find an interest in their style. I also recently noticed I love to wear jewels,  from half a year ago my style has dramatically changed, particularly when moving in cutting edge urban spaces like London. I was impressed by how people dressed in London, it triggered me to level up. I have always defined my style as classy, but now when I put jewels on I feel more like me."


His favourite piece of jewellery is his Thomas Sabo necklace, “I go everywhere with it, it looks like a cross but if you look closely its actually a dragonfly.”

Ali Hussein Khalifah

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Our stylish ambassador Ali Hussein Khalifah is half Trinidadian and half Pakistani. He is a carpenter and builder, which mean a lot of his work entails manual labour, with the use of his hands being a pivotal part, building and creating from scratch. His style can be defined as a fusion of smart casual streetwear.


“I like to be comfortable in what I'm wearing and not feel like a prisoner in my clothing. Some of my style inspirations are @Paulbinam @ibbos_ and @coddolipranne all three of these people I feel effortlessly put together simple pieces of clothing in elegant ways. Whilst I like dressing in a simplistic manner, I love patterns and rich colours being from a diverse background myself, the royalty and pride I feel in wearing my traditional clothing is unmatched. More recently I have been trying to find a way to merge the two styles to showcase the link between all my identities."

His favourite piece of jewellery is his Taweez and Hand of Fatima necklace, a handmade piece from Ethiopia.


“I myself practise Sufism which is the path of spirituality within Islam so my Taweez is from my Tariqah (path) that I follow within Islam’s different sects have their own version. It is made from Silver and hand made from Turkey, it contains verses from the Quran with names of certain Prophets and other holy names within the Islamic faith. The hand of Fatima which is seen throughout the world as a form of protection from Nazr. Each finger also represents a member of the Ahlul Bayt (members of the Prophet Muhammads family).

I think it is important for people to find the link in being able to express their heritage in what they wear. That doesn't necessarily mean donning a Jalabiya (cultural dress) every day or a shalwar Kameez but through certain colours, styles and elements that link them to their history and I think jewellery and accessories are great tools for expressing that.

Issac Yeung

Issac was born and raised in Hong Kong, his heritage is Chinese and Korean. He moved to London 8 years ago for studies. Currently, he is a digital designer in the service industry, representing a brand and restaurant. Which consists of making ads for social media, website and taking on major marketing campaigns. 

He also manages a night label named 'Gelato' that promotes artists and producers that the label believes in. Most of the artists they bring in are from Paris, Marseille which they then introduce to London producers to collaborate with, creating an incredible and unique sound.  The genre is mainly rap and hip hop.


"I am part of Gelato because Music has been such a powerful impactful part of my life something I am massively passionate about and something I genuinely really enjoy. The creative in me also appreciates structure which is what my main day to day job allows me to fall into. Which I personally find incredibly important for growth."

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He takes style inspiration from catalogues and combinations of interesting innovative accounts on Instagram. He doesn't like to take inspiration from any one person. "I just see what interests me most, and what goes well with my body shape and style. My go-to is definitely my leather jacket - Don't think I go anywhere without it. If it were a pair of trainers I would always go to- it would be my rick Owen x Adidas runners."

Aniq  Ali

Aniq is originally from Pakistan but born and raised in Copenhagen. He is currently doing a degree in civil engineering as he has an interest in maths and problem-solving.  ​


“Due to the fact that there will always be a demand for engineers, the population id increasing, and the world changes every day, so new types of infrastructure will always have to be introduced. My Grandad is my biggest inspiration, as he left everything behind him and decided to start a new life. Being in one of the first groups of migrants coming to Denmark in the 60's he ensured a bright future for his children and grandchildren and didn't allow the idea that society back home would judge him, to hold him back."


His main style influences are from Danish Rappers Oliver Kesi and Noah Carter amongst others, as they wear a mix of street and sophisticated wear. They also grew up in the same area as Aniq and have used their Scandinavian influences to give their look a twist, making them unique.


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"This is what I try to do when it comes to style. I always have a watch and bracelet on because it is simple. but it always seems to be what people notice about me, immediately."