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Who was Nefertiti? Neferneferuaten Nefertiti (/ˌnɛfərˈtiːti/[3]) (c. 1370 – c. 1330 BC) was an Egyptian queen and the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten, an Egyptian Pharaoh. With her husband, she reigned at what was ‘arguably the wealthiest period of Ancient Egyptian history’. To us, the characteristics of leadership in women are often overlooked or conveniently forgotten in history. Women who are thought leaders, and trailblazers in their fields. which is an ethos we encourage and vow to give a platform to.  We see royalty in the women making a difference creatively in different spaces as thought leaders and innovators. Confident, powerful, and smart that should be accredited and celebrated for their accomplishments.  


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Neelo came from a background of teaching in higher education to be a part of the start-up world in the market of cannabis, with a focus on Hemp and CBD only. Currently as part of ‘Hemp Botanic’, which is a group of female-run management and staff. These women, who use natural methods of healing, have made it more accessible to self soothe for every man. giving people the choice to live a life more natural to the self.

"I Love statement pieces for an evening out, and I admire simplicity in beauty, a unique statement piece that makes a bold statement without doing too much to achieve it, is largely what I look out for when I fid a special treasure."

Esma - Alsibai

Esma, a Syrian British born artist, is a trailblazer when it comes to style and fashion, often finding inspiration in art, film, music, and dance to relay her artistic visions into her content curation for brand Mariam Al-Sibai founded by her sister.

"I have always been a jewellery person - I even like to call myself a collector. Though I love my precious stones I would rarely wear high end or fine jewellery. The pieces I wear have to have a story or have some sort of sentimental value; whether it be a hand me down from my mother or a piece I found abroad, and these are most definitely not the most unique or eclectic, but pieces that have spoken to me. 'Subtle' and 'sophisticated' are my keywords. I go through phases of what I'm into but silver will always be something I am very attracted to and so, I'm never afraid of paying just that little bit more if it is something I'm completely in love with.  Invest in things that make you happy. Collect things that will add to who you are. Do things that will make you confident, feel good and help you shine just that little bit brighter."

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She has a degree in Architecture and cherishes delicate jewellery pieces that can be kept for generations, as passing down legacy through jewellery is a beautiful ritual shared by the women in her family.

Karsen Breanne

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Karsen was born and raised in California, currently living in London.

"I consider myself a bit of a free-spirited creative, dabbling in all kinds of forms of expression.  My style is a mixture of minimal and clean, with lots of neutrals and classic silhouettes. Rings are definitely my must-have piece, and I feel incomplete without them, and I love my looks to have a pop of gold or silver."



She is a woman who wears many hats, as a mother and entrepreneur who founded ‘Danya Baby’ and ‘Designs by Karsen’, the style guru stands for sustainable and ethical fashion by leading by example in hand making all of her designs. The Designer uses her platform in a meaningful way by sharing news, and social issues she is passionate about, extending these messages to her Youtube channel.

Yusra Al- Faqeeh

Yusra is a Somali Yemeni Londoner, she is a mental health nurse and currently works with teenagers with eating disorders. It is a mentally draining job so self-care is super important. 


"I am inspired by positive energy, people who take risks, and free-spirited individuals who motivate me to express myself more whether it be through style, speech, or just attitude. I love to collect different earrings from different countries! The brighter, more outlandish and cultured the better! My favourite piece is the blue fire opal I found in Mexico, they give off an orange/red glow in the sun, they're just awesome and breathtaking!"

Yusra takes her style influences from strangers she passes on the street, to her ancestors, anything she feels has a cultural and historical influence, she is here for. She loves African art, print, and style, and uses these influences as a key part of her sense of style identity, merging her African roots with western influences.

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Ashley Hefnawy


Ashley is an Egyptian American who resides in New York City.  "I am constantly inspired and influenced by the incredible energy that vibrates through the city, subconsciously logging all the outfits I see daily, especially coats and shoes ( my fav items of apparel). I love soft textures - anything velvet, suede, furry, and vibrant colours. Monochromatic outfits are definitely a go-to for me. I'm often inspired by my friends, anyone who allows their spirit to come through in what they wear (you can always tell).  Issa Rae is a style icon for me.

My favourite piece of jewellery is my gold Arabi nameplate necklace. It says my name in Arabic. I was always a bit sad that I wasn't given a name by my parents that more accurately reflects my heritage, so the nameplate in Arabic feels like a small shoutout to the motherland." 

You will find her submerging her worlds with North African sounds, Afro Beats, western pop, disco, and electronic. A feast for the ears for sure. 

Ashley is a Creative Writer and strategist by day and a DJ by night. "I got into Djing because I wanted to bring people joy through sound. I was feeling like I needed a way to enter the musical world. After a break ( I grew up learning the violin) I wanted to reconnect with performing in a way that felt less intimidating. IN the future I am interested in bringing live performances into my sets with my violin and even tabla." 

Dina Morsy

Dina was born and raised in West London, her family is from Cairo, Egypt. "My heart is very much there in Egypt. After graduating from my masters in Urban Design and City Planning, I decided to go into Building and Surveying. Mainly because I have always been inspired by the built-up environment, I love everything about cities, they fascinate me. Not only that but in an industry heavily dominated by white males, I feel motivated by often being the only woman, let alone young Muslim, Arab woman at the table. 

My style is something that has always been important to me. I don't like fitting the norm, I like bootcut jeans and chunky trainers. - dad swag vibes. I also really like to channel 90's fashion styles, vintage sweatshirts and sweat pants. Big- big style inspos are @alberitanicki @ardinanicki and @naracim, owners of Norwegian label Nicki Studios. Their classic but effortless style makes 'comfy' look so good. I love how they turn outfits that look great with trainers in the daytime into a cool, edgy evening outfit with heels- the best of both worlds. I like to do the same, always, comfy, always edgy."

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Her fav piece of jewellery is her King George V gold coin which her aunt from Egypt got for her as a gift.

" It is something that is special to me, I never take it off. If anything, I like layering necklaces with this one. It's very classic and compliments a lot of other jewellery and clothing so it goes with everything."